1. What is BusUp®?

BusUp®  is a digital platform that allows you to manage the corporate transport and enables you to make reservations and book both your outbound and return tickets. BusUp® allows you to manage and check the details of your route whenever want.


2. Which transport options are usually available?

BusUp®  provides a bus service dedicated to a specific company or to be shared between companies, to go to and return from work. You can count on big and small buses according to the demand and the passengers’ needs.

Routes with a fixed and regular hitenerary are available for reservations on the platform. In case you cannot find a stop or route that matches your needs, you can propose one that is tailored to your needs. For that, you only have to click on “Propose your route” and fill in the form.


3. What does your route propose consist of?

Through the company’s platform, you can propose a route which matches your mobility needs to go to work.


4. Is there any kind of purchase commitment when registering my data or proposing a new route?

No, there is no type of commitment when you register your data. These are used to identify if there are more users with the same mobility needs as yours .


5. Which details do I need fill in order to register and book my ticket?

When registering on the platform some personal data will be requested such as: name, phone number as well as your company and which department you work for. After that, you will be accepted by your company as authorized to use the shuttle of your company. You will only have to register once and your details will be automatically stored for the future reservations that you may wish to book. When making a reservation, you will only have to select the route, the type of subscription and the desired date. Please note that it is only possible to make a reservation if your are already registered. 


6. Up until when is it still possible to book my bus tickets?


If there are seats available, you can make a book your tickets up to 30 minutes before the start of the trip.


7. IS it possible to cancel a day from my reservation?


Yes, it is possible and also recommended given that, by doing so, you are allowing another person who needs to use the bus. To do that, you have to go to your active reservations and select the days that you will not use.


8. Can I book more than one route outbound or return for the same day?

No, because by doing so you are occupying someone else's seat. 


9.  How many seats are available per route?

The number of seats available will depend on the bus and the route at stake.


10.  I want to buy a ticket, but the route it's already complete. What I can do?

The seats per route will depend on the demand. They can be updated and offer more options depending on the users’ requests.


11. How can we check the exact location of a bus stop?


The ticket that you will receive in your email address will contain all the information of the bus stop.

In case you have any questions about the route or its stops, you can send us an email with your doubts to suporte@busup.com or call us at +351 300 600 268.


12.  What time do we have to be at our bus stop?


We recommend that you arrive at the pick-up location 5 minutes before the scheduled time, you can also consult the App for information about the whereabouts of the bus.


13. What do I need to show when entering the bus?

You will have to show a QR code, which is of personal use and cannot be shared with anyone and you will need to have a valid reservation for that date, hour and route. 


14. Can I bring a pet?

Only guide dogs are allowed in the bus.


15. One or more of the passengers use a wheelchair. Are the vehicles adapted for this type of circumstance?


Accessible vehicles are available for people with reduced mobility. It is essential to notify in advance to suporte@busup.com or by calling +351 300 600 268 and we will verify the availability of adapted vehicles for the route.


16. If I forget something on the bus, what should I do?


You can contact a member of our team by email suporte@busup.com or call us at  +351 300 600 268  and we will do our best to to help. However, please note that BusUp® is not responsible for objects that are left on the bus.


17. Where can I find out the conditions of transport by coach?


In the general conditions section of the platform, you can find the transport conditions and the BusUp platform.


18. What can I do if I have doubts?

If you have any questions or comments about the process, please contact us through the email address suporte@busup.com or by  calling: +351 300 600 268.